This may be one of the best videos ever to discourage drunk driving. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office has offered a free stay at their luxury resort for anyone caught driving drunk.

You can thank Dan Thom for this beautiful video moment. Behold this in all of its original awesomeness as it was shared on the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

You have to love the custom "massage" (aka pat down by a deputy), plus the "privilege" of using the breath testing machine that they spent thousands of dollars on "just for your convenience". Oh, and you haven't lived until you've had your food served on a silver brown platter.

There is obviously nothing funny about drunk driving, but we salute the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office for making a hilarious video that has gotten the attention of many in the Magic Valley. That's a win for everyone if people actually think BEFORE they drink and drive and realize this is one "resort" they never want to go to.

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