With a change in the weather approaching, Twin Fall's residents may want to heed the advice of local shippers. Today is the day holiday heros will be made.

The first of four deadlines to ship holiday packages has arrived, according to the USPS website. Ground shipping for retail items is guaranteed if sent today, with three more target dates approaching in the next eight days. Don't forget weather will likely be a factor, which has been known to slow package arrivals in Twin Falls.

The 217 mile stretch between Twin Falls and Salt Lake City's major distribution hub is often cause for concern during the holidays. While this week's weather forecast appears to be free of any major snow accumulations, it's a different story next week. A system is expected to bring snow by December 20.

With UPS expected to ship more than 700 million packages alone, according to a CNBC story, people will need to stay on the ball in order to assure on-time arrival. Here in the Magic Valley, the combination of approaching weather and high shipping traffic could very easily result in delay.

"If the weather is severe enough, there could be delays up to a day between Salt Lake and Twin," said Zoey Klines, a worker at the Twin Fall's UPS store. "Delays in air travel are more common though this time of year. Packages coming from further distances."

Luckily for me, I'm not sending any packages outside of Twin Falls this year. But I know I'm in the minority on that one.

Be sure to visit your preferred carrier's website for the full list of deadlines.

Good luck Twin Falls!



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