If you want to get away from it all in Twin Falls, you won't find a better deal than this. Remember the guy who offered to let you stay in his backyard last summer? He's back with a brand new winter/almost spring rate.

It's not often you find a guy who's lovely - especially for $14.

Dale from Airbnb is awesome. For the extremely affordable price of just $14, you can stay in his backyard. Here's Dale's description of what he offers:

Winter Time - Crash on 1 of 2 couch hide-a-beds!

or - Have a tent and just want somewhere safe to pitch it?

or - Shoot even my Mini van with a space heater should do the trick!

Give my back yard a shot!

With your $14 payment, you also get access to Dale's WiFi and laser printer. But, please take your shoes off before you come in to get whatever you printed. We're not barbarians here.

Dale is a very forgiving guy when it comes to checkout time. You can leave as late as 1 pm and still be good with him.

People that have taken Dale up on his generous offer are raving about what a nice guy he is. Here's what Laura had to say:

Dale was very nice and accommodating. Plenty of water, snacks, kitchen usage. Peaceful. I only stayed a night and would stay longer if I could have.

Lian said this:

Dale is lovely and very welcoming! We had a short stay but felt very at ease and at home!

It's not often you find a guy who's lovely - especially for $14.

Check out the full listing and keep Dale in mind if you want to "get away from it all".

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