I love pranks. Not just on April Fool's Day, but every day. Throughout the year I like to keep my family and co-workers on their toes and make sure their hearts are in good condition. Even thought I've been working from home for the last year, I'll admit now that I did go in a few nights to set up pranks and booby-traps at the radio station. It was fun to see them blaming each other in emails and messages.

You can see videos of my favorite pranks at the station in the videos at the bottom of the story. Right now though I have to give prank props to my daughter and her teacher at school. They pulled the best prank I have ever been hit with yesterday.

When I went to pick my daughter up from school she slowly walked to the car with her head down. She got in the back seat and didn't say a word, which is weird because she always has something to say. She threw a crumpled paper to me and as I began to read I was floored. Here's a picture of what I read:

credit N8
credit N8

She 100 percent had me! I was all-in until I saw that last line with the teacher 'signature'. Well played.

My kids were surprised that I didn't pull any pranks on them. But I did. My pranks were less physical though and more mental. For example, when my son was almost finished with his breakfast I asked him if it tasted normal. That's all it took and he was immediately suspicious of his food. One of my kids was looking for pranks on the doors on his way out and I simply said 'you should worry less about the doors and more about your backpack.' That was it. When he got home he told me he had gone through his whole bag multiple times looking for something to be wrong. Mind games can be just as fun as physical pranks.

But nothing I did yesterday was as good as the prank the teacher and my daughter pulled.

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