It turns out Twin Falls law enforcement personnel had some ideas for April Fools Day, and shared them on social media.

If you woke up Thursday (April 1) and forgot, it was April Fools Day. For the first time since 2017, last year I wasn't the target of any office pranking due to the Coronavirus. Normally around here, computers get harmlessly messed with, cans of scented products get taped under work chairs and the sound of TNT Pop-Its can be heard snapping throughout the building all day long. Most of us around here never really grew up...myself included.

One night, as I was alone in the building preparing to leave work after 6:00 P.M., I was greeted by various haunting type sounds coming from an unknown source. I later discovered there was nothing demonic happening at all. Instead, a coworker had timed out an audio file full of scary sound effects to begin playing from a speaker under a desk near me. It still remains, in my opinion, the best office gag I've seen pulled at this place.

Both the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office and Twin Falls Police Department got in on the fun Thursday. The police department alleged in its Facebook post they recently obtained a new crime fighting weapon, in the form of a massive, fully-loaded helicopter that puts Airwolf to shame.

Also, to combat the fight against drugs in southern Idaho, the sheriff's department has brought in a team of drug-sniffing donkeys, according to its Facebook. At least the donkeys aren't flying, then we'd have a real problem.

TFPD Air Support Division

We cannot put "a cop on every corner” stated Chief Craig Kingsbury, there are too many...

Posted by Twin Falls Police Department on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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