In December, a Twin Falls teenager walking across a crosswalk near Canyon Ridge High School was struck by a vehicle. The crash sent him to the hospital with a lot of unknowns. There was speculation Adrian would never wake up from a coma, there was speculation he wouldn't be able to recover, but thankfully, all of them were wrong.

Adrian Brandell is a true fighter, after a lot of damage to his brain and his body, he is making a steady recovery. Next week he will be able to return home after two months in two different hospitals. He has had his tracheotomy removed, he is eating on his own, drinking on his own, and speaking.

PC Vanessa Brandell
PC Vanessa Brandell

As far as permanent damage, only time will tell. He did suffer a traumatic brain injury and it is unclear how permanent and to what extent that damage will affect the rest of his life. The good news is, he is making strides in his recovery. His right leg is still healing and is in a boot. He is able to walk with aid from a walker but will need a wheelchair for longer distances. Hopefully, after more rehab that won't be the case.

attachment-Adrian Brandell With Dad

Adrian and his family will be able to see each other every day in the comfort of their own homes soon. I truly believe this incredible young man will make a full recovery. His mom said he is still himself:

"He is still very much himself. Still likes to play video games, argue with his sister, his dad's little buddy. Still the same sweet caring kid he was before".

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