If you have been watching the cable series "Yellowstone" on the Paramount Network and have been marveling at the beauty of the program's famed lodge like I have, you might be interested to know that the property is only a day's drive from Twin Falls, and you too can book a room overnight there.Yellowstone is a series starring Kevin Costner as "John Dutton," a wealthy business man who operates the largest cattle ranch in the United States. Season three is currently being filmed in Utah and Montana. Costner's home in the program is actually a real, functioning lodge located in Darby, Montana, and is called the Chief Joseph Ranch.

The property is beyond beautiful, and is located in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, approximately one mile south of the town of Darby. Driving by automobile would take about seven hours from Twin Falls (330 miles north). My wife and I are getting ready to start season two. She watches the show for the hot cowboys, and I watch it to live vicariously through Costner's character...and maybe because actress Kelly Reilly is in it.

It's one of those shows that makes you want to quit your job, buy a cowboy hat, punch a relative in the mouth and take up fly fishing full-time. Filming takes place in primarily two locations, those being Darby, and Park City, Utah.

The lodge is closed to the public during filming of the series, but rooms in two of the property's cabins can be reserved during certain months.. For more information on bookings, click here.

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