With all the negative reporting happening in the world these days, I thought I'd share a very cool story I came across recently that should make Idahoans proud of their fellow statespeople.

With the Ukraine invasion ongoing, skyrocketing gas prices, Covid-19 still claiming lives, and all sorts of other negative stories unfolding in the world nightly on the tube, I've got a story for you that might make for a nice distraction. One of the things I respect about the people of Idaho is their pride in their natural surroundings.

I'm a strong believer in packing out waste when camping or taking part in outdoor recreation. For instance, we don't leave a campsite until we've made numerous sweeps of the grounds we occupied. It's frustrating to see how some people trash our rivers and countryside without batting an eye.

I found this great video on the Reddit/Idaho page that I consider to be a humanity-restoring type of effort. The 90-second, time-lapse video shows a couple of Idaho buddies cleaning up close to 60 pounds of garbage after shooting. While I'm not one of the extreme environmentally devoted types who drives around with garbage bags in my truck, I still do my part to keep the state clean.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a great YouTube channel that from time to time shares some interesting podcasts. A 2021 interview with Idaho Department of Fish and Game manager Brenda Beckley focused on Idaho shooting ranges, in which there are hundreds statewide. It's worth a listen.

My hats off to these two Idahoans for doing their part to remedy other people's laziness and disregard for state beautification.

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