After hearing so many people rave about Finger Steaks I was really looking forward to trying them out for my self. If you're not familiar with what a finger steak is, think of strips of steak, battered, and deep fried.

For many people here in Idaho they are a favorite and I just don't agree. While I will admit the ones that I had (pictured above) were okay, I just don't think they hit the expectations I had set for them. With so many people saying that they are amazing I had high hopes when first trying them out and they didn't hit the mark.

After a few finger steaks I noticed that I was enjoying the fry sauce more than the actual finger steaks. The steak itself was juicy and tender, but I can't understand why it needs to be deep fried after that. The steak was great by itself, I should have just stopped there and not had it deep fried.

If you're a big fan of steak fingers, more power to you. I just think from now on I will leave my steaks out of the deep fryer.

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