Maybe even extend this sentiment to all of Idaho except maybe the super small towns with a population less than 5,000. Construction projects should be done at night when there is less cars on the road. This is the only place that I have lived that construction is done during regular business hours.

Even in the small town outside of Las Vegas that I lived with a population around the size of Twin Falls did construction on main thoroughfares at night. Construction on the bridge DEFINITELY should be done at night. That is pretty much the only way to get across the canyon unless you count going all the way around to the Hansen bridge. That doesn't count if you ask me.

Construction during the day can cause some major back ups and it would be so much smoother if the construction was done at night. Plus, it is construction season during the summer months mostly. It would be a million times cooler for the workers who are working their butts off.

And, I think that doing the construction at night is actually slightly safer. The workers wear massive reflective gear anyway, might as well do it at night when there are less vehicles whizzing past them trying to get to work on time. I know my opinion isn't the most popular but I think I make a pretty sound argument. It really benefits everyone all the way around to do it at night.

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