Ever since I saw a food trailer selling fair style, hand-dipped corn dogs and signature fruit lemonades a couple weekends ago in Twin Falls, I've been on the lookout to see where they park during the work week so I can pass by on my lunch hour. I finally spotted the consessions trailer last week, and they've stayed put ever since.

I first spotted Road Runner Consessions two weeks ago on Blue Lakes Boulevard as I was running errands down by the Magic Valley Mall. What a great idea I thought to myself. Real deal fair food throughout the week. If only someone could open up a loaded nacho and beer trailer now.

I've been scouting their location for over a week now to see how frequent they move around, and it appears--at least for the time being--they have set up shop next to Absolutely Flowers, at 285 Blue Lakes Blvd North, but on the Heyburn Avenue side directly across from McDonald's. I've never passed this trailer and not seen at least one person ordering food.

Road Runner Consessions sells Classic Corn Dogs ($5), Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Dogs ($7), Cheese Sticks ($4), and three different types of signature lemonade, those being Red Raspberry ($4, $6), Strawberry ($4,$6), Blue Raspberry Pineapple ($4,$6).

They have been known to move during the weekends. I first spotted them next to the Rob Green Buick dealership, on Blue Lakes on a Saturday. I'll definately be stopping by on my lunch hour this week for some fair goodness.

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