Frozen driveways are one of the top winter nuisances of living in areas that get a fair amount of snowfall. An Idaho man has demonstrated how to remove built-up ice without hurting your back or lugging around heavy tools.

The Magic Valley has experienced a nice run of decent weather as of late. Most of the snow in Twin Falls has melted off since the last major storm passed through, so digging out of driveways isn't really a concern at the moment. I came across a cool video that might help some of you remove ice from your property when the next winter storm hits.

There are lots of ways to remove frozen ice from a driveway. Some people just throw melt down and walk away. I've also seen shovels, torches, hot water (not recommended), and axes used. There's a guy in north Idaho that heads to his garage for his leaf blower when the ice builds up.

I've never seen someone use this technique to break ice up, but it appears to work like a champion. By placing the leaf blower on the ground in front of the ice, you can actually see how the combination of heat and air causes the ice to crack relatively easily. It's the coolest do-it-yourself trick I've seen displayed in quite a while.

So, when the next major Idaho storm leaves a couple of inches of snow on your drive or walkway, try grabbing that leaf blower and seeing if this technique works for you when it comes time to chip away at that ice.

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