Thanks to an unknown person who decided to burn a fire on the shore of a yet to be identified Gem State body of water, Idahoans now have a visually toasty, holiday alternative for their flat screen televisions.

We all know about the old Holiday Yule Log that some people loop on their computer monitors or home televisions. It's a calming, visually stimulating identifier of the Christmas Holiday. There are several different versions that have been created since the original, which dates back to the sixties.

A YouTube video uploaded on December 8, 2020, puts an Idaho spin on the classic favorite. While we don't exactly know where this beach can be found in the state, I'd rather stare at this image than the old one. It reminds me of being out at some of my favorite spots in southern Idaho, and I'm sure the person who filmed it enjoyed it as well.

Idaho is a rugged state with rugged people. This version of the yule log could be described as having a Grizzly Adams twist, which some outdoors enthusiasts might find more their speed. I wouldn't mind sitting down on whatever sandy bank this is to a warm fire myself.

For those with "smart televisions," or streaming tools like ROKU, one would only need to locate the channel on YouTube to stream it on a loop. It might not have the snap, crackle and pop of the classic, but the view is far superior.

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