One of the things I always marvel about when kayaking the Snake River are the homes that sit perched on the canyon rim. If you've ever wondered why some people chose to live in these remote canyon pockets, one Magic Valley resident has a pretty stunning reason for having done so.

Being down in the Snake River Canyon is a 360-degree delight to the senses. I remember the first time I kayaked out of Centennial Park and past the Perrine Bridge, how blown away I was with the beauty and personal gratification the brief escape provided. I used to look up properties such as the Kimberley home at the end of E 3950 N, and sit in awe, staring upward.

A recent post to TikTok, shared on YouTube, shows exactly why living "out in the middle of nowhere," as the woman says in the video, is so appealing. If I had this view every morning to sip coffee to, I'd be beyond satisfied.

If you really look hard, you can see the silhouette of the Perrine Bridge beneath the sun's incredible morning glow, and it's a view unlike any other. Viral Nation is the name of the YouTube channel this incredible video was shared on about a month ago, and its racked up over 7,300 views, and includes several comments from jealous area residents.

My compliments to this home owner on nabbing what has to be one the best Snake River Canyon views in southern Idaho. I'm just waiting for my coffee invite.

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