How far would you walk to tell your partner or spouse you love them? 

I know what some of you are thinking. Filer to Twin Falls, it's not exactly coast to coast. The two cities are separated by a mere eight miles, but the walk does pose some risk.

Calculated mileage aside, it's further than I would guess most of us have hoofed it in the name of love. Is there too far a distance to use one's legs to convey affection for someone? With cars and trucks whizzing past her and the weather appearing anything but pleasurable, she still got up and did it. I'm rethinking my own marriage after seeing this.

The March 11, 2021, sixty-second post to YouTube was a nice Friday find for me. It's not exactly a gondola ride down the canals of Venice romantic, but it is more than I've done for my wife since Valentines Day and her last birthday week in November.

Aside from the kindhearted act itself, I also enjoyed the play by play, as vehicles past within a few feet of making this video something else entirely, perhaps featuring a Magic Valley ambulance and the arrival of locals news crews.

Folks, love is budding like a filthy spud in the April soils of Rupert right about now, and we should be digging it. Not the spud mind you-- it would be way too early, and you'll likely get shot at by an enraged farmer--but the gesture itself.

Thanks for the video lady wearing a pink hoodie, and watch that roadway when the mood next strikes.

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