Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is a decades-old tradition. The honor is usually reserved for celebrities, esteemed community members, and other influential people, and not so much for hairy, mythical creatures.

(DISCLAIMER: This story is solely for fun. The real Bigfoot has never thrown out a first pitch to our knowledge).

For those not all too familiar with the game of baseball, throwing out the first pitch is done just prior to the start of the game. In Major League Baseball, it's typically a celebrity or another professional athlete that gets asked to do it by an organization.

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Independently-run teams (not professional or minor league) do things a little differently. The Boise Hawks are an example of such a team and play games at Memorial Stadium in Garden City. Garden City is located just northwest of Boise.

The Boise Hawks invited Bigfoot (not the real one of course) to come out of hiding publically since his first recorded sighting more than 50 years ago, which is known as the Patterson-Gimlin film. Bigfoot has the nickname "Greatest Hide and Seek Champion Ever" for a reason.

A recent YouTube clip showed the day Bigfoot walked onto the field after taking some photos with fans and began warming up with a Hawks player. As is tradition, the Sasquatch then took the mound and delivered a pretty good first pitch. Idaho has had many Bigfoot sightings over the past 50 years reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which is why it probably agreed to stop by the stadium.

For someone dressed in a bulky ape suit, I think the mechanics behind the pitch were pretty solid. The team currently has a record of 25-20. For tickets to see the Boise Hawks, click here.

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