I'm sure at some point in your life you've lived in close proximity to people you just wish would pack their crap up and go. One author has shared her top methods on how to nudge that irritating block dweller into relocating without resorting to nastiness.

My street has it all. The couple that routinely screams at one another in their driveway, the person you're pretty sure is poisoning the neighborhood squirrels, the parents who never watch their children and allow them to run amok, and that jackass that fires up every imaginable power tool before 8:00 a.m. on most Saturdays. I privately call my neighbor "Bob The Builder," because of his propensity to operate every loud tool he owns at the most uncool of hours.

I can say with total honesty, I've never deliberately tried to force a neighbor out. The closest I ever came to deliberately pissing off my neighbor was in response to some dawn chainsawing. To counter this act, I played the entire "Evil Empire" album by Rage Against The Machine, on two Peavy 115 15" 2-Way 400 Watt speakers, later that evening as some friends and I played darts in the backyard. It was the last time I heard the sound of that chainsaw that early again.

A writer at dengarden.com recently posted her "25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors" list, and it's full of some handy advice on methods of wearing down your unpleasant neighbors. Some are a tad juvenile, but some might help fulfill your quest for next-door harmony.

Notice how generating very loud noises at ungodly hours of the day tops the list. Now, please take our poll on what neighbors do that drives you the most crazy.

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