How has this not happened already? Well, actually it has. Someone was flying a drone around Seattle's Space Needle and managed to crash into it.

This occurred on New Year's eve. Some dude was capturing video of the Space Needle, which is understandable since it is what most outsiders think of when they think about Seattle. Sorry, Pearl Jam.

But, at about the 2:14 mark, something goes terribly wrong (or right if you're like me and love to see drones crash into stuff).

There appear to be a couple guys who were working on something near the top of the Needle when the drone made impact. Fortunately, neither of them were injured. And, whoever this drone guy is can be really happy he didn't crash into the restaurant part of the needle since there were probably plenty of Seattle lawyers having dinner up there.

If you want to get drone footage of the Space Needle (without crashing), this is how it's done.

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