When most people think of surfing, the ocean is the first image that probably comes to mind. A video has surfaced showing a guy in a wetsuit attempting to surf the currents of a northern Idaho tributary and paying a pretty good price for it.

Surfing is something I tried as a kid but was never able to be very successful at. Trying to balance myself on the ocean on a carved piece of foam and fiberglass is just something my body won't allow me to do. Paddleboarding seems like more my speed and a hobby I'd like to try someday.

His surfboard is probably somewhere in Montana at the moment.

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The Lochsa River is located in the eastern panhandle of the state. It's known for river rafting and kayaking, but not so much surfing. The tributary is surrounded by some of the state's most pristine, untouched land. Surfing is something that Idaho isn't really known for being a landlocked state and all.

A YouTube short video posted recently shows a dude munching it hard in the rapids of the Lochsa. The video contains one word. The "F-Bomb" can be heard as the man slips off his board and into the frigid waters. His surfboard is probably somewhere in Montana at the moment.

(WARNING: Video contains a naughty word)

Hopefully, the person recording him was able to locate the river surfer later that afternoon. It looks like he may have swept a county or two away.

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