Heck yeah!  I'm pretty stoked about the Sportsman's Shoot THIS Saturday!  It's Free to get in and as long as you bring your photo ID, you get to shoot guns!

So if you are into guns or want to be, then be there THIS Saturday.  This is the cheapest way to try a gun out BEFORE you buy it.  Plus, for me, I don't want a lot of kick.  I'm just looking for a rifle or a hand gun that gets the job done and matches my boots.  :-)

And knowledgeable?  I am NOT!  So I'm going to ask a lot of questions too!

No matter why you want to go, it's gonna be fun!

Don't forget to bring you legal ID if you want to shoot and remember you have to buy the bullets.

Find out more about the Sportsman's Shoot at our Events Page.

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