I recently came across a video that was uploaded a few months back by a civilian that I wanted to get the community's opinion on. It involves a Twin Falls Sheriff's Department officer and a civilian having a disagreement over what started as a parked car and came close to becoming a heated exchange.

I will start by immediately saying I believe the civilian with the cell phone camera was to blame in this exchange. I'm so tired of people recording officers of the law every time they are confronted. It's gotten out of hand, and some people are just merely trying to gain national attention by egging on police officers to the point that a confrontation ensues.

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It's easy to see who's at fault in this nearly nine-minute recording. For starters, the fact this man approached an officer's vehicle while the lights are engaged is a problem in my mind. In my opinion, even if an officer is in the process of addressing a situation that involves your automobile and you happen to come upon him/her, you shouldn't hit record on your cellphone.

The disagreement in this footage is over traffic safety. A man walks up to a Twin Falls officer of the law and starts filming before a verbal exchange even begins. This officer is on the job, and he/she has no idea if they are being approached by someone hostile or not. I believe the right thing to do would have been to walk to your car and wait for the officer to approach you.

I found that the officer actually handled the situation correctly and was very patient during the process. The man with the camera is obviously agitated and eventually begins directing foul language toward the officer, which was uncalled for.

I'm pretty shocked by the comments on this post's chain. The man with the camera was the aggressor in my opinion, and I think the officer handled the situation well.

(WARNING: This video contains naughty words)

Who do you think was right in this exchange?

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