Reports of secret underground military bases are not new. Most of the conspiracy theories have revolved around the government setting up facilities under the Denver Airport and the limestone caves in Missouri for some future incoming disaster they're hiding from us. However, there is a website now claiming that we have many secret bases underneath our feet in Idaho and some even in Twin Falls.

The Subterranean Bases website claims that there are underground bases near Burley and Twin Falls. Here's a snippet of what they said.

Druggist George Haycock claimed that he had explored a shaft that could be entered via a boulder strewn depression or sink 6 miles west of Burley, and one mile off the main road [presumably in the opposite direction from the river?].

There's more than one website claiming a big area underneath Burley. This one has a real long backstory if you want to lose part of your life that you'll never get back.

The references to tunnels under Twin Falls are much more vague with only glancing discussion of lava tube areas where bases have allegedly been set up.

The more entertaining theory involves an alleged 25 level deep city beneath Kellogg in northern Idaho. Oh, and the New World Order also has a prison near (or below) Oakley.

Old stories about "Chinese Tunnels" under Boise have also been passed around through the years.

Do you believe this is possible or is it just a bunch of conspiracy nut hog wash?

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