A new video is making the rounds on various social media sites that shows what appears to be a pattern of unidentified lights hovering above a rural area of southeast Idaho. The footage went live on Monday afternoon on a website that features unexplained phenomenon.

The video was first brought to my attention by my wife on the evening of June 1. 2020. She stuck her smartphone in my face, and I was immediately intrigued. She found the footage on the Facebook page of a site called Ancient Files, which had begun streaming it as "live."

Since the post, the video has gained thousands of views. The seven objects appear to slowly move around, but not cross into the paths of others. The lights on the reported objects also fade and re-light repeatedly. The publisher of the content identified Pocatello, Idaho, as being the site where the phenomenon was filmed, which has not been verified.

I have only driven in the city of Pocatello on one or two occasions, and have not ventured outside the area, so I am not familiar with the spot the footage was allegedly filmed. I leaves me wondering if more people in the area captured footage of the lights, as daytime sightings of unexplained aircraft are not very common.

Idaho has had a large number of such sightings in the past couple of years. Last year, there were close to 100 cases reported to various research sites.

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