A new sighting alleged to have taken place northeast of Twin falls of multiple unidentified flying objects was recently added to a statewide database of reported occurrences. It involved an area man and his son.A December 1, 2019, update to the National UFO Reporting Center has described an event that took place near the city of Pocatello on November 24, that included multiple sky objects that appeared to move in a formation. The report states the sightings were seen at approximately 6:14 a.m., by a father and son that were standing on their home's deck. The father apparently woke his son to verify what was being seen.

Pocatello is located 110 miles northeast of Twin Falls. The witness further described the incident as "an uneven, but steady line of craft flying from the southwest, over my head." The witness said the crafts made no sound, and the sighting lasted for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Idaho has had several reports of unexplained crafts in recent months, including a June 27, 2019, sighting that occurred along Hwy 93, near the town of Rogerson. This incident was witnessed by a truck driver. A Sandpoint couple reported a "cigar-shaped" craft while sitting in their hot tub back in February, 2019.

Twin Falls alone has had more than 30 sightings reported since 1980. The most recent Magic Valley incident was reported on October 13, 2019, by a Twin Falls resident who claims to have seen a circular object traveling at an extremely high rate of speed.

For a look at some recent alleged sightings in the state of Idaho, you can view the video below.




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