As far as cold-weather comfort foods are concerned, there aren't many better choices than a hot bowl of chili. Throw some cornbread into the mix and that's a meal I could eat four days a week at the minimum.

Chili has to have beans for me to take it seriously. I know some people who prefer it without, but I just call something like that a bowl of flavored meat. Whether it's elk, bison, deer, turkey, or Angus beef, I have had and enjoyed all of them. Chili is the perfect meal any day of the year, but for some reason just tastes better during a rain or snowstorm.

Beef and turkey are the primary types of chili I'll eat during any given year. My mother-in-law makes it with elk and venison. Hunting is popular in her family, so you know you're getting a proper bowl of chili when she cooks it up. I recently got curious to learn which restaurant in the Gem State holds the distinction of making the best chili, and my search led me to the state's capital.

Located in Boise, BBQ4Life was named THE spot to go to for the best in Idaho by They serve traditional barbeque dishes, as well as cater to the vegan lifestyle.

Some people may think that the words chili and vegan should never go together, but I'm willing to try anything once, and the majority of vegan dishes I've eaten I've really enjoyed.

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