There were many who have reported weird lights over Twin Falls last weekend. Now, there is a new video which shows one of the objects that many have talked about.

Hayden Pratt shared this video on YouTube a couple days ago. It shows a light that is moving at somewhat irregular angles. Here's what he mentioned in the description on his YouTube channel.

This was an unidentified Orb moving slowly across the sky from South to North over Twin Falls Idaho. The object had no blinking lights and seemed as if it was a single bright light. It moved very slowly, more so than the ones I've been seeing lately. This craft made no sound and continued north until it disappeared out of view.

The day before the video above was taken, Hayden shot this one.

I'm gonna have to fess up that I normally discount this kind of stuff. Almost without exception, I can explain strange lights away either as planets that are not recognized or a plane. We do live fairly close to a major Air Force base, so there's that. But, my wife and I did see a different set of weird lights as we were near the canyon Friday night. They were red and moving from side to side while heading west. Then, suddenly, the lights dove into what seemed like the horizon.

If you saw anything strange, feel free to share your pics.

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