As you know, I'm very pregnant and will be birthing a little boy here soon.  Soon after I will take some time off to be with my family.  So what will happen to 98.3 The Snake while I'm gone?  I'll fill you in.

Nothing will happen to 98.3 The Snake.  The music will still be pumping out of the speakers, prizes will still be able to be won in the Snake VIP Club and all will continue on as normal.  No worries.

I just won't be on the air for a couple of months.  MONTHS? Yes, thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), I will get a couple of months off to spend that time with my new little man.

Don't worry, I'll share pictures and milestones as they happen, plus I'll be well-rested and ready to tell you all about it when I return.  I don't think I'll be well-rested though, new baby and lack of sleep and all.

Since I am a first time parent, if you have any advice, help me out in the comments below.

Wish me luck and know that I will miss you!

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