You may have heard that Kendra is pregnant and due soon.  While thinking about the new presence of Baby Wolfe, *some of us* noticed that our R-rated language (on a good day) is abhorrent at best, and may not be suitable for children.

I decided I needed to get in touch with my inner child.  The picture on the left is an actual picture of me as a child.  Baby Boomer, if you will.  The picture on the right is just a totally candid picture of me in my adult life now.


Kendra doesn't know it yet, but Chris, myself, and Heather will be using classic rock at every stage of Baby Wolfe's upbringing:

  • While learning to crawl: Van Halen's Jump
  • During reruns of Mr. Rogers: Ozzy's Crazy Train
  • During *ahem* feeding time: GnR Sweet Child o' Mine
  • Learning to walk: Tom Petty's Free Fallin
  • Before preschool: Van Halen's Hot For Teacher
  • First girlfriend: The Doors L.A. Woman
  • First time behind the wheel: Sammy Hagar I Can't Drive 55
  • First arrest: Eric Clapton's Cocaine
  • Off to college: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
  • First job: CCR Fortunate Son
  • Back from college: The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter

But in all seriousness, I hope you will join me in celebrating this wonderful and lifechanging event!

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