You’d think a family with two daughters would equal a lifetime of passive-aggressive fighting and tears on a daily basis.  And . . . you’d be wrong.

Bounty just ran a survey to figure out which combination of boys and girls lead to the happiest families.

And “two girls” came in first place.

The consensus was, quote, “Two girls are unlikely to fight, will play nicely, and are generally a pleasure to be around.  Two girls rarely annoy their parents with too much noise, confide in their parents, and are unlikely to ignore each other.”

Of the 12 combinations on the list, the WORST one was . . . FOUR girls.  Once you double the number of girls, the survey found the fights go way up . . . to an average of four fights per day.

The list included the 12 possible combinations for families with between two and four children.

It didn’t include being an only child, or families with five or more children.

In order from best to worst combinations, the list goes:

#1.)  Two girls

#2.)  One boy and one girl

#3.)  Two boys

#4.)  Three girls

#5.)  Three boys

#6.)  Four boys

#7.)  Two girls and one boy

#8.)  Two boys and one girl

#9.)  Three boys and one girl

#10.)  Three girls and one boy

#11.)  Two boys and two girls

#12.)  Four girls

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