If the cold weather doesn’t dissuade them, then maybe a prolonged freeze will make them reconsider.  I came across a great link from a website called Mansion Global.  It offers advice for the wealthy who have dreams of mountain living.  Yes, it looks pretty, but…

I remember a Christmas when I was a junior in high school.  There was green grass on the morning of the 24th.  By late afternoon, it started snowing.  By sunrise, the snow was so high that it was over the top of the hood of my dad’s Ford LTD.  Our picnic table was buried.  It looked beautiful under the azure sky.  Then my brother and I were instructed to get out some shovels.  We started clearing a 60-foot-long driveway.  It was a memorable Christmas but not because I wanted to spend it that way.

The writer at Mansion Global makes it clear you’ll need to at least know someone with a plow.  You’ll also need good quality and reliable wheels.  One of my on-air guests told me Tuesday morning it was 20 below zero at her home above the Yankee Fork.  A friend from Fairfield told me he went out to feed horses on Monday night and it was 30 below.

If you’re planning on making Idaho your permanent residence, I’ll mention this week is especially harsh but not abnormal.  It takes resilience to live here.  It always has.  We have more conveniences but in many places, you’ll find isolation is amplified for several months in winter and early spring.  Salt Lake City is a three-hour drive for me when I need a flight out.

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