September 8, 1974 is a date that will be forever etched in the history of Twin Falls. That was the day that Evel Knievel attempted the famous Snake River Canyon jump that was broadcast around the world and put Twin Falls on the map in pop culture anyway. 

Rumors have swirled in recent years of another attempt at jumping the canyon. Magic reported on Evel's son Robbie bringing a plan to the city a couple years ago. There was another report from KTVB of a Texas stuntman coming to Twin Falls.

So many questions. Who should be allowed to make the attempt if anybody? Who pays for security? Will private land owners allow the event to happen?

What do you think? Will 2016 be the year that somebody finally puts together an attempt to do what Evel Knievel couldn't and jump Snake River Canyon? Will it be Robbie Knievel or someone else? What say you?

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