We love free things, especially free food. If you give us free money or prizes we'll assume there is a catch, but free food we don't question. We might even get the COVID vaccine if we were offered free food for it. Dairy Queen knows our weakness and that's where the 'Sweetest Season Pass' comes in.

What is the Dairy Queen Sweetest Season Pass?

A few weeks ago Dairy Queen introduced us to their new summer BLIZZARD treat menu which includes some amazing treat flavors. Now they want to let you have them for free. With the Sweetest Season Pass, Dairy Queen will pick 20 random winners to get $5,000 in free BLIZZARD treats. Those treats could be sweet treats or hot treats from their food menu.

How do I Enter to Win the Dairy Queen Sweetest Season Pass?

The contest is happening on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter now through Monday May 24th, 2021. To enter on Twitter you need to retweet the contest post and comment with your favorite new flavor from the Summer BLIZZARD Treat Menu along with the appropriate hashtags mentioned on the social post.

For an entry on Facebook you'll need to comment your favorite new flavor on the original contest post along with the appropriate hashtags also mention on the social post.

Who Can Enter to Win the Dairy Queen Sweetest Season Pass?

Contest is open to legal residents of Idaho who are at least 18 years old. You can enter one time each day on each social media platform.

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