A female visitor to a north Las Vegas casino on October 25 proceeded to pilot her Winnebago through the business's entrance after she grew angry when she was asked to leave.Las Vegas police continue to sort out the events that led to an irate gambler getting thrown out, only to return to use her motor home as a battering ram. According to information provided by ktvb.com, a 50-year-old lady returned a short time after being asked to leave the Cannery Casino, and crashed into the building in her RV.

The driver, whose identity hasn't been released, reportedly injured an elderly maintenance worker that was struck by the vehicle as the incident took place. The Cannery Casino offers lodging and gambling, and is located seven miles from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

No reports of other injuries, including the condition of the driver, has been made public. The woman reportedly kept her foot on the gas pedal as the motor home was lodged in the entrance doors, but was unable to move the automobile any further into the business. Casino staff and on-site officers managed to end the incident until more police arrived.

The Cannery Casino is located at 2121 East Craig Road, and features live entertainment six nights a week and 24 hour gambling. The employee who was struck by the Winnebago is expected to recover. The incident happened in the early morning hours of Friday, October 25.

No details on charges that will be filed against the operator of the motor home have been released either.


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