I hate to complain but some things are just ridiculous. Last week I discovered the worst drive thru in Twin Falls. I was stuck in the drive thru for 35 minutes. My order was wrong and the employee acted like I owed her a huge favor for getting me any food at all.

This made me realize that maybe we need to go over the general rules of a drive thru. Some rules apply to the customer and some rules apply to the business.

Customer rules are:

  • Your order has to be simple. If you are asking for 12 ice cubes in your soda you don't belong in the drive thru.
  • If you are ordering for more than 8 people you need to go inside.
  • Noisy vehicles need to be shut off while ordering
  • You can't order and talk on the phone at the same time.

Business rules are:

  • If it takes longer than 20 minutes you need to notify your customers before they get trapped in the drive thru.
  • If you are out of something it needs to be posted on the menu.
  • Employees shouldn't yell at you while taking your order
  • A recording shouldn't play before a real person takes your order

Now that we have established some ground rules. What Twin Falls business has the worst drive thru?