A recent experience in the backyard of my Twin Falls home inspired me to do some research. Apparently, there are more than a dozen different species of bats in southern Idaho, and one of them, in particular, is known for its aggressive, low-flying hunting at night.

October is the time of year when many Idahoans start prepping homes for the arrival of cooler weather. Chimney cleaning and tree trimming are common chores many Twin Falls homeowners are tackling this month. While in the process of putting away some patio furniture recently, I was surprised at what fell out of my umbrella and onto my shoe.

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With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, bats are a common prop many stores are carrying for decorative purposes. I have a friend who thinks they are the cutest animals in the world. She is bat#@#% crazy in my opinion. Encountering these hideous, sharp-toothed, gliding dark masses in person is an entirely different experience altogether.

There's a large tree in my backyard that houses a number of bats. One of the most common, larger bat species that Twin Falls natives might be used to hearing and seeing from time to time is the Hoary Bat.

These creatures aggressively hunt all night, and while bats don't commonly intend on attacking people, the ones in my yard are not afraid to let me know they are near. I actually had one fall out of an umbrella I was packing up the other day, and it landed on my right foot before springing up and disappearing back into the tree.

It took me a while to figure out what it was I was staring down at. I thought it was a dead bird at first. As loud as I yelled, my neighbors must have thought something seriously sinister was happening in my home.

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