Southern Idaho has quite a history when it comes to dinosaur discoveries. One of the oldest finds in the state happened a few years ago at an excavation site 80 miles east of Twin Falls.

Several species of dinosaur flourished millions of years ago in the desert of southern Idaho. Because the state was underwater during the periods when these massive creatures roamed, Idaho attracted more uncommon species that could survive in the environment. The remains of dinosaurs such as Tenontosaurus and Oryctodromeus have already been unearthed in Idaho, as well as one monumental mammoth find that happened in American Falls in 2015.

A 12-foot mammoth tusk was discovered near a southeast Idaho riverbank by an archeological team seven years ago. The find quickly became national news. In 2019, a team from Idaho State University discovered a rare dinosaur burrow said to have been created by an Oryctodromeus. The unprecedented state finding took place approximately 80 miles southeast of where the mammoth tusk was discovered, near Soda Springs.

These findings lead many to believe that the southeastern region of Idaho may have been home to a large concentration of these smaller, more adaptable species. Remains of the Oviraptorosaur were also discovered in an egg in this region in 2014, according to

Dinosaur poop, known more commonly as coprolite, is collected by enthusiasts all across the world. So, it's not hard to believe that the largest concentration of coprolite in Idaho could very well still remain several feet underground in the southeast portion of the Gem State.

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