A video shot at Yellowstone Nation Park Tuesday (July 31) has gained national attention after a tourist was recorded taunting a bison in an area of the park known for its wildlife viewing spots.

In the one-minute video, a large bison is seen walking into traffic near Hayden Valley, which is located between Yellowstone Falls and Yellowstone Lake, and has one of the highest occurrences of roaming bison in the park.

Approximately twenty-seconds into the video, the tourist approaches the animal after exiting his car with arms waving, and is briefly charged by the bison. The motorist then taunts the bison by shouting and gesturing for the animal to move.

American Bison are generally passive, but at times unpredictable. They are known to aggressively protect their calves, but there were no signs of offspring in the video. The bison simply appeared to be confused, and anxious, among the large number of motorists on the highway.

It is best to remain in your automobile, quiet and still, if one of these animals crosses your path.

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