If someone claims to be a native Idahoan, here's a test you can give them to see if they're telling the truth. If they don't laugh at these pictures, they're a faker - or from Oregon. If they start laughing so hard the Pepsi starts coming out of their ears when they see these, then you have yourself a true Idahoan.

We are proud of our beautiful women who also happen to be dangerous

upvoteHero, Imgur

Yes, we are heavily armed here and we don't care if you know it

Chowmeng, Imgur

We're so happy here, we can barely bear it

wheelzy, Imgur

Hey, we have attractions here. Just give us a second to think about it...

myusernamechanges, Imgur

Yes, we treat our pets here as if they were people

wolfgang786, Imgur

Please refer back to our comment on picture #1

CrazyWolfgang, Imgur

This is a wild stereotypical Idaho exaggeration. Actually, our legs are quite a bit bigger.

malthore, Imgur