We know what Idaho is like in reality. But, what would Idaho be like if it were a fantasy land? Now, you can know thanks to what an artist just shared.

I found this on Imgur. It's a map of Idaho, if it were a fictional land. Here are the changes you'll notice:

  • Twin Falls is now known as "Duplicate Cascades".
  • Snake River is called "River of the Gods".
  • Boise is no longer a city, but a big, evil castle.
  • Our mountains are now super big and pointy.
  • Idaho Falls is renamed "Cascade by the Light of the Mountains"
  • Women no longer wear yoga pants

I love that last one. Twin Falls Walmart will never be the same.

My favorite comment on Imgur in response to this map came from a guy named "badke". He said...

Your highness, the potatomancers are at the gates with spud golems!

Ah, yes. Perhaps the spud golems explain the drivers on Blue Lakes.

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