There are some things that are unique to our state. This is the perfect example. Only in Idaho will you find a guy holding a trout out of his car window.

Yes, this happened. Reddit user Euphoricbutterfly shared this beautiful Idaho traffic moment on Imgur. You can only imagine the scenario that led up to this picture.

Scenario #1: Guy takes friend fishing in Audi, but doesn't expect friend to catch fish. When he does, refuses to let friend bring fish in car. Friend says "Fine, I'll just hold it out of my window".

Scenario #2: Guy in Audi pulls up to traffic light next to friend who owes him money. Friend has no money, but has a fish. Guy in Audi accepts fish as payment.

Scenario #3: Guy is driving Audi next to Idaho river. Fish jumps out of river and passenger catches fish to keep it from hitting Audi and getting the nice white car dirty.

I could go on and on. Bottom line is there's an Idaho guy in an Audi holding a fish out of his window. Welcome to the Gem State.

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