If you enjoy live music, Cajun food, and exploring dark corners for paranormal activity, there's an Airbnb located 170 miles northeast of Twin Falls that has a room waiting for you.

BJ's Bayou & Old Roberts Hotel was built in 1892 and is celebrating its 130th year in operation. The historic building is located in Roberts, Idaho, which is just north of Idaho Falls. It has an on-site kitchen that serves Cajun and Creole cuisine, and if you book on the right night, you might even get to catch some live music.

I discovered the property recently while researching Idaho Airbnbs. A YouTube video from September 2020 gives viewers a great look inside the alleged haunted building. A couple checked into the property that summer and videotaped their experience. The property also has a bar, which is where you'll likely hear stories of the more than 12 ghosts that are said to frequent the Old Roberts Hotel.

BJ's Bayou cooks up southern-style food items that include Crawfish Etouffee and Shrimp Creole. One review left by a customer simply states, "YUM." The address is 655 N 2880 E, Roberts, Idaho. It's listed online as both an Airbnb and bed and breakfast, so you might want to ask for clarification upon checking in.

Some of the rooms have themes. For instance, room number 3 is decorated in a railroad theme, with various train artwork and decor. To contact the proprietors of the property, call 208-228-2331.

If you see anything resembling a spirit during your visit, be sure to share your story with us.

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