It is finally starting to feel a little more like spring around Twin Falls. That means it is about time to start going out and getting some hiking and biking in. If you are looking for some kid-friendly hiking trails that are close enough for a day trip, we have a list for you.


  • 1

    Shoshone Falls Observation Deck Trail

    This is a very popular area for people to hike. It is considered an easy trail and it is paved so it shouldn't be too hard for the kids. Bonus points, there are restrooms available too. It takes a little less than half an hour to complete. Since it is paved you could bring a stroller as well.

  • 2

    Perrine Coulee Falls

    This was the first hike I went on when I got here and it is the first hike I take everyone on that comes to visit. It is kid-friendly, you can hike behind the coulee in Twin Falls, and it's gorgeous. Not stroller friendly though.

  • 3

    Mogensen Trail

    Another super close hike that is pretty easy to do. It is a little over 2 miles to complete. It is kid-friendly, there are beautiful views and you can check out the BASE jumpers off the Perrine Bridge.

  • 4

    Auger Falls Park loop

    This one is definitely kid-friendly and stroller-friendly. Most of it is paved, there is a ton of fun things around the area. In some of the steeper areas it might get a little tricky with wheelchairs or strollers, but overall, a great hike for the whole family. If you bring your dog make sure it is on a leash.

  • 5

    Wilson Butte Cave

    This is a super short hike for the kids that have a very short attention span. It is a nice place to see if the kids enjoy this kind of thing, it is definitely an easy, beginner, short hike. But it is in Jerome so it is close.

  • 6

    Ross Falls

    This easy hike is totally worth it. There is a waterfall you can check out, it is easy enough for the kids, it just isn't really stroller friendly. The good news though is it is short enough you might be able to carry a kid the entire time. It is toward Magic Mountain so it is again, pretty close

  • 7

    Dierkes Lake Trail

    This website actually qualifies it at "moderate" but I find it to be pretty easy for kids. Some of it is paved so you can bring a stroller for a bit. You don't have to go all the way around the lake to make it worth it. Dogs are not allowed.

  • 8

    Phantom Falls

    This is a pretty easy route. Not stroller-friendly but slightly older kids will love it. If you go during the right time of year you can see the waterfall that only flows a few months out of the year. It is on the Oakley side of the South Hills. Dogs are welcome here too.

  • 9

    Ritter Island Loop

    This hike is near Hagerman and it is beautiful. It is wheelchair and stroller friendly. There are some beautiful views. There are waterfalls and wildflowers. Honestly, it is one of my favorite, easy, just strolling through the day, hikes.

  • 10

    Three Island Crossing State Park

    The loop around Three Island Crossing near Glenns Ferry is definitely kid-friendly. The views are great. The river is beautiful. Plus side, it is stroller and wheelchair friendly. Score parents!

  • 11

    South Fork Loop Trail

    The City of Rocks has some great, family-friendly hiking options. South Fork Loop is a lot of fun because it is rocky and has a true "hiking" feel to it. There are some gorgeous views, if you enjoy birds, it is a great place for bird watching as well.

  • 12

    Lake Walcott

    The trail around Lake Walcott in Rupert is pretty cool. There is a lot of interesting history around there. You can even camp there if you would like to do so. Plus, it is a park too, so if the kids don't feel like hiking, they can get their energy out at the playground.

  • 13

    Bath Rock Trail

    This is also in the City of Rocks and it is known for its gorgeous view. You can also try your hand at some rock climbing if you would like. It is a kid-friendly area though. It takes about 10 minutes to finish.

  • 14

    Oregon Trail

    This is great for kids because it is so packed full of history. You can actually see the ruts made by the settlers' wagons when they traveled through the Oregon Trail. It is a little further away on the way to Boise but the history makes it worth it.

  • 15

    Jump Creek Falls

    This is another one that is a little further away, but it is worth it. It is highly recommended for families and children. There are caves around the area and a waterfall. It is in Marsing.

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