An online attendance form has been signed by more than 180,000 people promising to gather in protest at a top secret Nevada military base that many believe holds the key to information that can verify the existence of extra terrestrial life. Many have also announced intentions to force their way on to the base.

This is not the first time those seeking the truth of whether or not the military has had direct contact with ETs have threatened large scale protests of Area 51. The latest plan, in which details have been shared on numerous U.S. news sites, including a July 9 report on, claims that 181,000 people have committed to attending an upcoming planned protest in September of this year.

The Area 51 installation has been rumored for decades to have participated in the recovery of downed ET aircraft, dating back to the Roswell incident of 1947. The base is located near the salt flats of Groom Lake, approximately 420 miles south of Twin Falls.

For those that are planning to participate in the September 20 event, I would caution against a forced entry. Protesting is probably the safer route to go, and is our right as Americans. Chanting your beliefs, rather than walking past prohibited entry signs, will drastically decrease your odds of becoming target practice for our U.S. military.

Good luck. Be safe.

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