Those who may have been traveling on Father's Day in the state of Nevada might have seen some strange formations in the sky. Saucer-shaped clouds could be seen in central and southern Nevada on Sunday resembling something out of a science fiction movie.

As I was slowly making my way from Twin Falls, Idaho, to Virginia City, Nevada, on Father's Day, something very bizarre caught my eye in the sky. Lenticular Clouds form from a combination of heavy winds and air, and usually present themselves in mountainous areas during the winter months, according to As I drove across Nevada, it seemed as if they never ended, and could be seen from Battle Mountain clear to Carson City.

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My wife snapped a few pictures from the truck's passenger seat as we sped through the Battle Born State. Several motorists pulled off the highway and took photographs themselves; the Internet is full of crazy pictures of these specific clouds.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the formations was the film Nope. The movie was shot in Texas and is about a UFO that terrorizes a ranch and its staff. In some of the shots in the film, these clouds looked just like the craft in the film. The winds shaped the clouds in a manner that they looked like an alien invasion had targeted the state of Nevada.

Please send us your photos if you were in Nevada on Father's Day and saw these interesting cloud formations. 

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