I’ve got mixed feelings about Jarbidge getting international attention.  YouTube star Eva zu Beck (also a star of the Travel Channel) decided to pay a visit to the isolated corner of Nevada, explaining the only road access is generally from southern Idaho.  It's no longer our local secret.  She described it as the most isolated place in the lower 48 states.  The travel writer is a native of Poland, mostly grew up in the United Kingdom, and has visited all corners of the globe.  She did an entire video series where she drove from South America to the most northern spot in Alaska, where she then put on a bathing suit and swam in the icy waters!

She loves the United States.  She says she could easily live here.  She says she’s considering the isolation of Jarbidge.

Locals don’t see it as being quite so isolated.  While I admit some of the driving is what I consider white knuckle, it’s a fun day outing for many of us.  She made the trip in a Rover.  I was driving a Malibu.

She enjoyed the hospitality.  I’ve lunched at the same restaurant (there aren’t many choices) and chatted with the same people.  I agree the people are very nice and generous with their time and conversation.   As for living there, I would go stir-crazy in winter.  I’m comfortable living a few blocks from Costco, Walmart, WinCo, and a mall.  Places where our neighbors in Jarbidge shop when they come into Twin Falls every few weeks or once a month to shop.  But if you forget something…

You need to check out more of Eva’s videos.  She not only likes our country, but she also defends our culture against the criticisms of her fellow Europeans.

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