I love being the messenger for good news. Many cities in our area have been called out for not good reasons this year. But, now, 2 of our Magic Valley cities have made a really great list as being among the safest in Idaho.

Safewise based their rankings on the most recent FBI crime data. In a nutshell, they broke down the number of violent crimes in each city and then computed how likely it would be for that crime to happen for every 1,000 people.

When all those fancy crime numbers were crunched, it resulted in 2 of our Magic Valley cities making the list. Congrats to Kimberly, rated as the 2nd safest city in Idaho.

Heyburn clocked in as the 10th safest. We're going to act like that little police standoff didn't happen last week, OK?

If you would like to see the complete breakdown, you can view the entire Safewise list on their website.

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