It's one thing to be named one of the safest college towns in Idaho, but yet another to be called out as one of the safest in the entire country. That's the deal for this Idaho city. And, for once, it's not an honor for Boise.

Safewise is a security and home safety company. The took an interesting approach to determining what makes a college town safe. First, they used the most recent FBI crime statistics, then combined those with safety-related initiatives to figure out who ends up on this list.

Congratulations to Rexburg for being ranked as the 6th safest college town in America. Here's what part of what Safewise had to say about our neighbors to the east.

On the BYU–Idaho campus, the Security and Safety Services department watches out for students with 24/7 patrols, personal escorts, and crime prevention programs.

The nearest neighbor to make the Safewise list is Pullman, Washington, home of Washington State University. But, they don't technically count since they are about to lose to our beloved Boise State Broncos this Saturday. In my book, that makes them way less safe, at least this weekend.

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