Safewise is a security company. It's their business to know where the biggest crime threats are. So, when they declare the 10 Safest Cities In Idaho, you figure they know what they're talking about. They just issued a new list for 2016 and two Magic Valley cities made the top 10. Can you guess which ones?

According to Safewise, Kimberly and Heyburn are among the best places to live in Idaho if you want to avoid crime. Kimberly came in at #8 and Heyburn landed at #9.

Here's the criteria that Safewise used to make this call. They rated communities based on the number of violent and property crimes. Kimberly was rated highest for not having much property crime while Heyburn had less violent crimes.

If you live in Kimberly or Heyburn, do you feel safe or is this list way off?

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