If you are a pet owner, then you have no doubt had at least a few moments where your pet did something so silly it made you reach for a camera. From dogs with zoomies, cats pushing things over or hiding in boxes, squirrels riding tractors, and birds rocking out to music, our non-human companions do some entertaining (and questionable) things. If you have ever caught your pet in action being silly then you have a chance to make some money off that silliness. SafeWise is holding a contest event where pet owners can submit videos of their silly pet for a chance to earn $1,000 and get a pet camera for free.

Submit a video on their site and if they choose you as the winner you'll get to pick a free pet camera to watch your silly pet when he doesn't know you are watching. Then, SafeWise will give you a month to use the pet camera and check out the features so you can write up a summary of the product. So, yes you are going to be a paid product reviewer and that sounds pretty awesome.

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We know you all have some adorable pets and love to show them off, thanks to your submissions for the Summer Pet Photo Contest, so throw your video in the ring of silly pets.

Dogs can sleep anywhere

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