Today is the first day of school in Twin Falls. So, naturally parents are thinking about bully problems. Parents have every right to be concerned.

Idaho and the Magic Valley has seen far too much tragedy that is directly related to bulling. We can't ignore the fact that it's an issue. But, how big of an issue is it compared to other states?

According to Wallet Hub, these are the states with the biggest bullying problems and the states with the least bullying problems. Sadly, Idaho is on the wrong list!

Top 10 States with the Bullying Problems 

  1. Michigan
  2. Louisiana
  3. West Virginia
  4. Montana
  5. Arkansas
  6. Texas
  7. Idaho
  8. Alabama
  9. South Carolina
  10. Alaska

Bottom 10 States with Bullying Problems

  1. California
  2. Hawaii
  3. Connecticut
  4. Delaware
  5. Florida
  6. Rhode Island
  7. District of Columbia
  8. Vermont
  9. North Carolina
  10. Massachusetts

I can't help but wonder, why Idaho has more bullying problems than California. Is it because we are set in our ways and aren't open to diversity? Or, is it a drug related issue? I'm not sure what the answer is. All I know is that bullying needs to stop and I believe it starts at home. So, be as involved with your kids as you can and teach them love and acceptance.